In His Confession, How Many Shooters Did Howard Hunt Say Were Involved In The Kennedy Assassination?


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According to the triangular crossfire that was set up for the killing of the president there were at least six teams of shooters; each sniper with an spotter. Two teams were located in the Dal Tex building probably in the six or seven floors; two teams in the School Depository each in the sixth floor at opposite corners of the sixth floor and two in the Grassy Knoll area. The spotter was also a marksman with the rifle. There were three rounds of fire in triangular crossfire. The teams shooters in the Dal Tex were a mafia guy named Lawrence and a cuban named Eladio del Valle. The second team at the Book Depository were Chicago's mafia member Charles Nicolleti and a Mafia-CIA man named Cain; the third group was formed by shooters Charles Harrelson and Roscoe White or Dallas policeman Tippit. The operation was so well coordinated that all the shooters escaped. At least six to nine shots were fired and probably some rifles had silencers. The confession of Howard Hunt is misleading as well as a lot of programs in JFK assassination show recently in the History Channel. At the end the public will know all the truth.
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          Saint John Hunt, son of former CIA operative and black op man E. Howard Hunt, says that, through a mixture of testimony recorded on audio and video tape, and personal conversation, his father confessed to a role in a conspiracy to murder U.S. President John F. Kennedy.                Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested in connection with the crime but was murdered by Jack Ruby while still in police custody. Thus, Oswald's guilt was never demonstrated conclusively and fierce debate has continued to rage about it ever since. Some believe Oswald was guilty as a "lone-nut" assassin, acting on his own without being part of any larger conspiracy. Others believe that Oswald had no involvement in the killing and was simply framed as a convenient patsy.                According to his son, Howard Hunt claimed there were, in fact, two shooters involved in the assassination, and that Oswald was one of them. The other was a Frenchman (possibly French Corsican) whose name Saint John Hunt does not remember perfectly, but he believes it was something like "Sartie."
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I a former Ranger and made some friends in the Mafia in the 60's, and they say Copa de Copa Capistrano, of Tampa, was paid by Castro to HIT Kennedy, and they set up Oswald! Another person from another country did the actual killing!
This was a very typical method used by them and the CIA, too!
That's most of what I was told by several people.

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