Can I Work For MI5?


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Mark Westbrook answered
Yes, you can! MI5 of the UK Security Service are no longer the entirely covert organisation that they once were. People may apply through job adverts in national paper (often the more conservative papers, which shows the type of person that they are trying to recruit.) and nowadays, they even have a clickable link on their web page.

Jobs at MI5 range from assisting with Security (as in building security rather than the security of the nation), or perhaps administrtive support or registry support (these are not well paid for a job in central london). Other jobs might include translators, operations manager, field agents, and specialist technicians.

At present, MI5 is keen to recruit language specialists with particular skills in Middle Eastern and Asian Languages, as well some languages from the continent of Africa.

Working for MI5 is not like you see on Spooks, nowhere near as glamorous, but it is exciting because you are helping keep your country safe on a daily basis.

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