Who Was The Most Immoral President In US History ?


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There are so many to chose from, so it depends on what angle you're going from, and I'm not even listing anywhere close to everything from all the Presidents.  None who is elected President can let morals keep them up at night.  They all lie and cheat to do what they think most be done.
G.W. Bush--tramping on the Constitution and eliminating so many rights and freedoms that brave men and women died to defend
W.J. Clinton--Well, we all know what he did...but not uncommon of Presidents throughout history.
R.W. Reagan--Arms for hostages...well, we did get our people back, but at what cost?  Are our people more valuable than those who died because we traded the arms?
R. Nixon--Breaking laws to ensure that he was reelected President.
J.F. Kennedy--Essentially the same types of things Clinton did.
H.S. Truman--Dropped nuclear weapons on two Japanese cities.
T. Jefferson--Owned slaves, and supposedly had children with some of his slaves.  I don't know how many Presidents owned slaves, or how common it was in that time to have children with your slaves.  Perhaps it was just part of the social norm then.
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He's listed first because he's the most current--the list goes most recent to the least recent. However, Clinton isn't the most immoral, as what he did is really no different than JFK or many other US Presidents. And again, it all goes by what aspect you are looking at as being immoral, as I made sure I listed any number of things that could be considered immoral. but based on your argument, its the fact that he lied that makes him more immoral than any other President? So then I must assume that you have never lied? Or that no other President has ever lied? Let's go with with Nixon--"I am not a crook." Essentially, he is no better than Nixon though (at least in regards to your argument), but you can't say that he's most immoral President in US History.
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I believe Bush is first on the list because Dragon72 listed them in order of their administration. But, it is interesting that you believe sexual immorality is greater than Bush's transgressions. There is so much more of this that I won't take the time to list, but you get the idea.
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To suggest that Bush "trampled on the Constitution" is a sign that one is unfamiliar with history... It also smacks of partisan rhetoric, and can hardly be perceived as an unbiased opinion.

Calling Harry Truman "Immoral" for the A-bombs dropped on Japan, which ended the war which THEY started, by bombing Pearl Harbor during peace time, is ALSO very much a matter of opinion... (We were NOT at war with Japan or their allies when they attacked Pearl, and the decision to drop the A-bombs actually was made by General Thomas Handy) 

You also seem to have omitted some, like Woodrow Wilson the Klansman, who were very racist.! Wilson actually HOSTED a premier of the KKK movie "Birth of a Nation", at the White House just a few years after the Democrats pushed the last black man (of that era) out of the US Congress (George Henry White - NC)
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I'm going with Clinton on this one, and not getting into the political side of it.  He did more to wreck what little respect and pride people used to have for the President of the United States, than any other President ever did with their political scams and dealings.  Bill Clinton held the highest position in the United States, a position that is supposed to be executed by acting respectably and morally decent for all the country to look up to, not withstanding the way other countries look upon our leader in the U.S.  He acted like an immoral man who used his position to get his own personal thrills, an adulterous husband, and a pathological liar when he was caught.  He made this country look like it's leader was a total clown and x-rated porn star wannabe.
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Jefferson for raping slaves.
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That would be Bubba, aka Bill Clinton, the first black President of the USA.

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