What Colour Would Suit Me For My Prom Dress If I Have Pale Skin, Brown Eyes And Dark Brown Hair?


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If your not looking for black or white, I would go with jeweled tones. The amazing thing about brunettes is that we can wear any jeweled tones, especially if we have pale skin. If your going for a warm look, I would go with gold. If your going for a cool toned gal, amethyst or saphire. If you are confident enough, go with emerald or amber.

I hope this helps, even this late in the game.
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Red or black would look great on you for prom dresses
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I have the same problem as you but I think red is a good colour for all those things. (:
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I would choose a bright coloured dress to be honest as you will stand out more!! What helped me was this website... www.prom-dresses-2010.com it has some great articles on how to dress and what dresses are the best, it features sections on affordable dresses and also info on designer dresses and which designers to choose! Theres some great fashion tips on there youl find very helpfull..thanks....allissa!!

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