What Colour Prom Dress Should I Wear When I Have Ginger Hair, Pale Skin And Blue Eyes?


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Green or blue
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I think green - any shade - looks great on redheads, maybe even more so than other people. You could try blue or purple as well, but try to stay away from oranges and yellows.

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I am ginger to and I am goin for purple as it is a colour that will really make are hair stand out and coz I am pale it looks really nice as it gives the dress that extra stand out from the crowd feel :)
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When I think of gingers like you are describing, I remember Alyson Hannigan. She played Michelle in the American Pie movie. Gingers would look great in a coffee, caramel, or light blue maybe teal dress. Try purple if you want to go wild.
img2.allposters.com Here is Laura Prepon from That 70's Show
www.nndb.com I hope this helps. Either way, have wonderful night.
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I recently went to my prom and I wore a dress the same colour as my eyes and it made my eyes really stand out. By the way I'm ginger, with blue eyes and alabaster colour skin. You can wear any colour really accept for yellow and pink and orange. But try a dress the same colour as your hair :)
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I think blue would look really good on you

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