What Are Major Things That Have Happened In 2009?


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Barack Obama officially became the first black US President.
Michael Jackson sadly died aged 50, as did Dirty Dancing star Patrick Swayze, aged 57.
Usain Bolt smashed two world records at the World Athletics Championships in Berlin.
Slovakia drops the korona and adopts the euro.
The Icelandic banks and government collapse, forcing their pm to resign.
Deadliest bushfires in australian history killing 173 people, injuring around 500 more and also leaving around 7.5 thousand people homeless.
Global Swine flu pandemic.
The Uyghur-Han riots in Urumqi causes over 150 deaths.
The longest total solar eclipse since the start of the 21st century was recorded, lasting over 6 minutes!
The 2016 summer olympics are awarded to Rio de janeiro.
Climate change talks at Copenhagen, with little result,

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