Who Was Tamerlane? Can You Give Me Some Information About Him?


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Tamerlane was one of the most successful army generals in the history whose original name is pronounced as "Timur". He was a warlord of the 14th century. He was born in 1336 and he died at February 1405. He conquered a vast area during his campaigns.

Tamerlane had totally a conflicted personality. He is also well known for his cruelty in the war and for the bravery he showed in the battle fields.

He founded Timurid Empire. He was basically from a Mongol descent. He is called in Persian as "Timur Lang" which can be translated in English as "Timur the lame" and afterwards this name got shortened and it is known in English as Tamerlane.

He is called lame with his name because of the fact that once he got some injury on his leg in a Warfield and so he became lame afterwards.

Tamerlane was one of those army generals who were very successful in their all campaign. He had written his personal biography as well. And that is quite interesting to read. He was not only well versed in war sciences but he had also studied and become the religious scholar. His memory was excellent. Perhaps these are some factors which made him so much successful warrior.

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