What Is The Role Of Social Worker To Reduce Corruption?


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I doubt the veracity of that statement for any practical purposes that a social worker may actually serve. Primarily a social worker is supposed to be a philanthropist who acts not because of self-serving interests but actually driven by more altruistic objectives. However, in case of developing nations non governmental organizations that purport to do any social work are actually lackeys of their western counterparts hawking the neo-liberal agenda in developing nations. The seething corruption and unparalleled acts of incompetence that have become a hallmark in the governance of several developing nations are actually induced behavioral patterns set in place by the powers that be and are supposed to serve foreign agendas. Take for instance, in some developing nations the most highly paid jobs are in the social work sectors, now paradoxically they are supposed to be driven by the intention to usher positive change but most of their funds are squandered on the lavish lifestyles of their own administrations who work not to alleviate the ills of a society or to destroy corruption but for their own gratification. These organizations are usually led by vivacious ladies who throw lavish parties, do some magical seminars, do some heavy expensive advertising and cry 'wolf' at the sign of anything that is happening against females within a society while entirely ignoring other evils within their communities. To actually expiate a society and rid it of it's evils a social change must be ushered where every individual takes their own responsibility and holds themselves accountable. Humans have evolved to the point where they can distinguish between right and wrong and if they choose not to uplift their conditions it's their loss.

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