I need some pros and cons about deterrence on the death penalty?


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I don't think it does.  I don't want to sound condescending, but it just seems obvious to me that it doesn't.  Statistics provided by the Death Penalty Information Center indicate that murder rates are higher by 40% in states with the death penalty than in those states without it.  That seems to dispute the notion that the death penalty is a deterrent. 
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I believe an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, so yes I think they should have the death penalty in place for there crimes of evil.
people only start shouting that it is wrong when they get caught. Plus the prisons would not be over crowded as well for them that do lesser crimes.
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This punishment was put in place for a reason,yocommitted the ultimate unforgivable crime you took life,now in this present age and time,it takes up to and beyond ten years for executions to take place,now it is suppose to be cruel and cause suffering,for a murderer to be put to death,if you ask me there should be no prison time for anyone who kills another and is caught and found guilty by all evidence,meaning DNA<PHOTOS>CAUGHT IN THE ACT A TRUE WITNESS,meaningA SURVIVOR of the crime,not someone who thought they saw you,the DEATH PENALTY is a government money making court catch 22.
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About the only way it deters crime is when it's used there's little to no recidivism.
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Being that murder rates are 40% higher in states that have the death penalty so someone indicated; the (only) reason for the death penalty being approved in a state would be to save tax payers money.

It always comes down to money...$

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Death penalty for one thing doesn't work. Seriously, drug pushers, murders, these guys live day in and day out with the threat of death, are we deluding ourselves to think we can scare them with death?
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The Death Penalty don't deter anyone, if it deterred anyone it would be the Criminals that have already been instituted before, and are out on probation.  Think about it, they don't have to work, they have 3 meals a day, recreation, some prisons offer internet access, they have it made.  They get daily showers, etc. 
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I think there is a lot of talk about taking the death penalty off the table for sentencing and it help get cooperation for the DA's office.  Deterring a murderer?  No...When a mind that sick decides to take another life, the finer points regarding sentencing are not his mind, you know?
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In the past, I've always been against the death penalty as I thought its execution to be somewhat premeditated vs the crime usually happening unexpectedly for the victim, but lately, and from what I read in the news, criminals are really getting out of control, a lot of senselessness and cruelty, it is making me changing my mind, I never thought I will one day be in favor of the death penalty but some crimes are outside "human" capabilities, and as "inhuman" as they are they should not live in human bodies and among human societies, not even behind bars.  Though I wish we were advanced enough to determine the criminal mind at birth and deal with it then
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I don't think it deters crime because if a parent tells you not to do something because it is wrong and you then find them doing it how can they even think of telling you it's wrong or doling a punishment that is suppose to make sure it does not happen again, How can the State issue a death penalty when they say to kill is wrong, but when they do it, it is OK, to me that is setting a double standard, if someone is put to death for a murder, It is not bringing the deceased back to life, yes I think you should be punished but the Gov needs to rethink that one and come forth with a suitable punishment. There are persons that love to watch a excution, Why? 
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Pros - well you don't get repeat offending! It may also be a deterrent to premeditated murder (opinions are divided).
Cons - In most civilised societies, murder, judicially sanctioned or otherwise, is considered wrong. You don't get a chance to reprieve someone if it turns out they are not guilty after all - (Google for Derek Bentley).
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Yes with the person it is applied to.Not to anyone esle.Ex.look at what happens after it has been applied.I think others will say that wont happen to me.

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