What Was The Purpose Behind The Recent Formation Of The Arab League?


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The Arab League is a group of several Arab nations, who are working towards reaching a peace solution with Israel. The Israel-Palestine conflicts have worsened over time, resulting in a great number of deaths and raging disasters. To make Israel reach a ground of mutual peace, the Arab League came into being, all of its members wanting and working for the same purpose. As a matter of fact, the Arab League was relaunched at an Arab summit in the Saudi capital city, Riyadh.

Until most recently, the Arab League has asked Egypt and Jordan to attempt their persuasion with Israel and proffer them normal relations in return for a reasonable settlement for Palestinian refugees and a Palestinian state, which was captured in the Middle East war of 1967.

In short, the mandate for the states of Egypt and Jordan would be to implement the Arab peace initiative, easing the outset of direct negotiations.

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