Achebe Suggests That Igbo Culture Is Dynamic (constantly Changing). What Evidence Supports This?


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Albert Chinualumogo Achebe Apart" was born in Ogidi, NIgeria in 1930. Many aspects of the Igbo culture were incorporated into his English education. In 1950 Acebe helped to establish the Nigerian literary movement to make known to the world the traditional culture of the Nigerian people. Fed up with the false impressions of the Igbo culture found in the writings of white men he wrote, "Things Fall Apart". To Achebe the Igbo culture prior to the English interference was a functioning vital community. Many Igbo people do not know their former way of life due to inculturation of the English influence.

Based on several articles one being Igbo 101: Facts Little Told by Orgaranya Uju Nkwocha Afulezi, PH.D it appears the presentation of the Igbo culture by Achebe is factual. The Igbo people are recovering their past, rediscovering their culture and reidentifying with who they are as a people.

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