Which Are The Best Weapons To Use On GRAW2?


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Mark Westbrook answered
It's horses for courses with this type of thing, depending upon your mission, depends upon which type of weapon you feel you need and you can always swap weapons later if you wish to, with a dead enemy soldier or one of your dead colleagues! It's up to you.

However, if you're like me, you like to get good with a couple of weapons, so that you have high level of marksmanship and you can rely on certain weapons for certain jobs. My personal choices are as follows:

The MR-C rifle, has a telescopic scope, not the best ever, but enough to pick someone off at a reasonable range. Also, it switches nicely between single and full automatic, although my choice is single shot, it just means lots of trigger pulling action!

As for a pistol, at the moment, I am in favour of the ICQB (not the silenced version), it only holds a mag of 7 bullets, but I like its accuracy, the M9 is great for mag capacity with 15, but I just don't get the hits per squeeze like I do with the ICQB.

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