What Weapons Did The Romans Use?


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In a historical perspective Roman weapons were based on their strategy which was considered par excellence. It is now believed that Roman weapons were not superior to those of their adversaries. However, the strength of the Romans lied in their military strategy. They were quick to adapt to the weapons used by their enemies. The Roman weapons were originally based on the Greek and Etruscan models. Later on the encounters with Carthagians and Persians led to development of newer types of weapons. Some of the Weapons used by Romans were:
  1. Pugio: It was a type of small dagger that regular Roman infantry carried with them.
  2. Gladius: The Roman short sword.
  3. Spatha: It was the Roman long sword and was generally wielded by both hands.
  4. Hasta, Contus, Javelin and Pilum were types of spears that were wielded by Roman infantry.
  5. Bow: It was used by archers and was a projectile weapon.
  6. Darts.
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