How Does War Affect Development?


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The answer ti this question could take way more space than there is provided here!
But the short answer is simply that, War has the effect of moving technology forward at a much faster speed than it would have have there not been a war. A couple of examples are the movement from the spear to the musket or the biplane to the jet fighter. In the last case, man 1st flew under power in 1902 and by about 1943 (I think) we were flying with jet powered aircraft. Broke the Sound Barrier in 1947.  Had WW I and WW II not happened, we would have probably taken MUCH longer to make the gains we did. Now you do have to remember that in most, (but most, not all cases), the advances were to help fight the wars. (whichever one was happening). Also, remember that advances in medicine happened for the same reason, even the Space Race was fought during the (So Called), Cold War. I can not think of a single thing that a war has not help the technology move forward!!

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