What Do You Think About Filipinos? (people Who Live In The Philippines)


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Filipinos who live in the Philippines? Well, some are good some are irresponsible, some are corrupt some are not, some are decipline some are not. Well, Of course, every individual is unique. I like the Philippine culture either than other country. The best! Being a hospitable and all the positive side except bad habits.If the Filipinos would help each other then, they will lift up for progress. They are rich in natural resources. The beauty of nature is there, even the climate.
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Philippines population as of 2008? Number of Filipinos overseas works abroad as of 2005-2008? Total population by age group and sex fin Philippines 2008? Population for every region in 2008? Program launched by the govt to control Filipino overseas to work in abroad?
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  1. As a FILIPINO, (we usually call it PILIPINO), pilipinos are very cheerful and are very energetic when it comes in building our own and we'll have unity with one another.

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