How Many Brits Live In France?


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There are a large number of Brits living in France with more than 20,000, according to official sources living in Paris itself. The total number of Brits or people of British origin in France could well be around half a million.

There are a sizeable number of students who come to France every year from Britain to enroll in some of the best schools that one could find. Also a number of individuals, families and retired people are making their way from Britain to France in increasing number. There are several reasons that have contributed to this migration with increasing globalization being the major one.

Also the quality of life according to many people, who have settled in France, is significantly better with affordable living standards especially with respect to taxes. The region of Brittany in North Western France also has a large community of Brits mostly retired people who prefer to live in the countryside rather than in the cities back home.

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