What Do You See Before You Die?


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I would not worry about what you see when you die(though hopefully your family ,friends,neighbors and realtives to give them one last word to get them saved if they are not already) I would think about what you want to see after and what God says when you stand in front of him for judgement.other than than the bible gives a really good description of the heavens and the holy city. A wall made of precious jewels and semi precious stone and streets of gold and the judgement seat.then you have what will be out side the holy city or as  I like to think of it my summer camp.my idea of heaven is a untouched land as I think God intended the garden of eden where everything you need is supplied. Although I would also think since we will have a new and perfect body there will be no more sickness,lack,hunger,there will be no more suffering caused by mans greed.I think paul was showed  what heaven will be like in the book of revelation. The other view is not really that pleasing to think of.if not saved by beleiving on/in Jesus. See there are only 2 places to end up heaven or hell so the view of hell is described in the story of the rich man looking across the chasm/void between heaven and hell and seeing the beggar and asking for a drop of water to quinch the undying thirst and begging God to send someone to warn his family not to end up where he was in hell. So I guess in this question it depends on what your decision is whether you accept Jesus as Lord and saviour or not what you will see as soon as you step out of time into eternity.when you take your last breath here on earth.just my thoughts on this.maybe it's time you looked into what you have decided to believe in.read the bible(king james expanded version) a little everyday to become informed.if you really want to know what your going to see when you die.

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