Is It Better To Shop Online At Christmas Or In The Actual Stores?


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Louise Gorman answered
It depends what suits you best. If you are someone who enjoys being in the busy crowds at Christmas and viewing the Christmas displays that shopping centres put up, then shopping in the atual stores is for you.

If you don't enjoy the busy crowds and you aren't bothered about the Christmas lights in town or Christmas displays then shopping online is for you.

When you shop online, you are usually given the last delivery dates before Christmas. Shopping online may give you more time to browse around, and you may be more likely to find items that aren't actually in the store.

Spending the day in a shopping centre will obviously cost you more money, as you will need to eat out if you are planning on spending the whole day there. But it is a day out, and will help to get you in the Christmas spirit.

You could always do a mixture of the two. Get your more complicated presents out of the way by shopping online, so that you can get them delivered to you without having the stress of carrying heavy items around with you all day. That way you can leave the smaller items for the shopping centre, and have a more enjoyable stress-free day out.
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Fred Jones answered
With the price of fuel, it is better to shop online but (of course, always a but), many people need to touch and feel and see what it is they are buying. With this, I would say go and window shop to see what you want to get, then go back and shop online to get better deals. Plus if you need to have the gifts delivered to whoever they are for, then just have the delivery address changed and save more fuel costs.
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Brandi lol answered
I think buying in stores is better because while i don't exactly like the massive amount of people i have to sqeeze between its when my mom. Me and my sister just hang out together all day. Its more fun. The ups it has to online is that you know it'll be in in time for Christmas but also that it will be exactly as you except it to be. No problems.
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I have found that I can find out prices faster online and have a better luck comparing prices, it also saves gas. When I do find a product I want then if I want to actually want to see it I can go to the store.
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Tom Bronkhorst answered
Online shopping has gained popularity in recent years, but, if you do shop this way, please make sure you purchase from only reputable companies that you know and trust. Do not use a debit card, they are not protecting you like a credit card can.
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I can't stand crowds. If it were me, i would do all my shopping online. That's what i normally do. I can't stand people standing in my way when i'm looking for stuff. If you shop online you know what you're getting and when it should arrive. You can also compare prices and read a description of what it is. If you know what you're looking for it is a LOT faster!
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At stores because you don't know what it actually looks like.
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I like buying for holidays online because i work a lot of hours the quality has never been an issue with me either..
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It depends in what you are buying. You can find bargains in the stores. But also what you can't get in the store you buy it through online. You need some fresh air and enjoy your surroundings and also enjoy a day of shopping at home.
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I like to shop in stores because you can actually see what you buy plus many retailers have much more stock in stores.

Oh by the way always check this site before you shop they have great printable coupons

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