Why Do You Celebrate Christmas?


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I celebrate christmas because even if christ wasn't born on that specific day, we need to celebrate His birthday. We should always try to remember him through out the christmas season. The focus on santa and gifts is kind of nice but we really should focus on Jesus instead. It is a beautiful time of year, perfect for celebrating His birthday while we admire His winter beauty.
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I celebrate it because as a child I was taught it was Jesus Birthday and was always made special by the whole family being together.  We had The baby in the manger and we had lights and santa and the whole shebang.  The Enjoyment of it carried right into my married life with my own son we try very hard to make it special.  The family is so large now we can't ALL get together.. But we do our best.  And still crowd into midnight mass which is part of our tradition. 
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We celebrate the Birth of CHrist during the Christmas season. Whether or not that is the actual date  is irrelevant.  It is a date that NEEDS to be celebrated and December is fine with me!  It is a beautiful wonderful time of year!   have no problem with santa and snowmen, as long as Christ is first in our celebration- He is the Reason for the Season!
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Well we celebrate that because jesus was born on december 25 and it was god who brought him to us please believe in him
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I do it, because it is expected of me. The Holidays are right in the middle of my winter depression. Holiday's were not especially good times for me growing up. Jesus, was not born on December 25, so I resent this intrusion into my life. I rely heavily on friends and family to get me through it without a trip to the psych ward. I hate that it is this way, because I wasn't much fun for my son, when he was growing up. He just wanted me to be Happy. I am blessed that I had some cheerful family that could be there for him, when 'I wasn't home, in the mental sense of the word.
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