How Does Your Family Celebrate Christmas?


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For us Christmas is like a big family reunion, we give gifts and eat together with varsities of foods, we have tons of decorations that we design in our house.
Christmas time is also the time wherein we go to church as a family and thank the Lord for everything., the celebration is for Christ that's what  my mom  kept saying to me:)
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My children come home for dinner and gifts, and we talk and have a nice time. We make calls to friends and talk for a few. Love to watch a christmas show or two, and we celebrate the birth of Christ as well.
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First, we all sit around the TV and watch the Celtics mop the floor against anybody they play! (Only kidding, but you as Celtic fan must be mighty happy!) OK, for real. Used to go over Xmas eve to 1 of sister-in-laws house for whole family gathering. Would cook "ethnic meal" each year. Chinese one year,Yugoslovian the next and so on. Made sure I filled up at my house before I was subjected to this stuff. Finally told wife I had enough of this "fun" - none of the evening was- and stayed home. To Christmas Day - Had 3 kids in my family, did the Xmas tree present thing and all that. Would say Thank You prayer when all done. Now 2 are grown up - oldest has 2 little ones - so history repeats itself with my grown kids and grandchildren. All at my house, nice midday meal and enjoyment of each other. And we vow to make everyday like Xmas.
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Rj - Also do volunteer work at local Lighthouse during Xmas season - I can't afford to give anything else except my time to the less fortunate. But I do what I can.
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You know, I'm not sure what we are going to do anymore. This year the kids have to spend the the afternoon and early evening at their dad's. And that's when we would usually have our Christmas dinner. Or on Christmas Eve but they are at his house until 6pm. So I guess this year, we will have Christmas dinner early. And the kids get up early and do the thing with the stockings and all that. If we lived closer to my parents and siblings it would be a lot more traditional. I'm trying not to dwell on not having my kids with me the whole day on Christmas. Maybe I'll go to the movies while they are gone so I don't sit around feeling sorry for myself.
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My mom usually makes a cake and we sing to Jesus. Other than that just the usual Christmas minus the santa clause bit...
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This year we come together at my sister in law house and have Christmas together as a family which we do every year with each also giving the Lord praise for how he has bless us all year.
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Well our family is all broken up I usually end up not celebrating. My moms in the uk.. Dads unknown. Brothers in california. Sisters in gran rapids... I'm in minneapolis... Lol its all screwed up. So usually I don't celebrate it. I just enjoy time with my friends and boyfriend.
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My family always spends Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve & Day, serving at homeless shelters, VA hospices, Veterans homes, and the like. Helping others can be very soul satisfying.
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It's just me and my family for christmas. My mum and dad are going away. But it will be good. I have got
three kids.
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We' have close family come over on Christmas Eve  we stay up late goofing around eating and drinking...on Christmas morning we exchange gifts and make a big dinner at night .
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My family members usually take turns making dinner at our house's on Christmas Eve. This year it will be at my Aunt's house. We "break bread", it's a communion type wafer in which everyone gets a piece of it and then we pass it around and break a piece off of each others. Then dinner, then we open our gifts. Some of us go to midnight mass. On Christmas morning, we all do our own thing with our own children, at our own house.
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Everyone gets drunk and they remember every evil thing ever done to them, and they haul out the retribution. We have fist fights, Turkeys thrown on the floor, Christmas trees thrown out the door, children tortured with threats to throw Santa Out with the presents. We dressed up with black eyes and bruises, and that is the way my family used to celebrate Christmas. Little Wonder this season doesn't bring the joyful memories it should.
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I sing in the choir so most of Christmas is centered around my church with various services and celebrations where the choir performs.  Then I love riding around the city seeing all the lights and Christmas displays.  We have two parties on Christmas Eve that we have been going to for years.  Then we enjoy our Midnight Mass at church.  On Christmas Day we have a big family dinner with all the kids and grandkids.  Sometimes even the Daughter who lives in Hawaii comes in with her family for the holidays.
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I actually don't know yet because I'm to a new family this year, not that my real parents aren't awesome, but it's time to do things a bit differently.  I usually have one present to open Xmas eve and it's always PJs.  There isn't much else we do other than open things and then go to going friend's houses to open presents from them.
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We don't not's not what you think . It's just that life is at a point in our lives that Christmas is more of a hassle than a holiday..but that does not change the reason for the season Jesus The Christ' birth......
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This year our family will be staying at home .Family and friends will be coming over.We will do the exchanging of gifts,we eat and talk of how things are, things of the past,and things that we hope for in the new year to come.Some will entertain the day respectfully with a drink or two while others enhance it respectfully in a herbal sort of way.We'll play games,watch football,and make calls to other relatives that couldn't be with us.
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Generally my family do not celebrate Christmas because of religious issues. But most times I go out on christmas eve and dress up in my finest outfitting have a good time.
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We invite all of our family members over and talk about what have been going on in our lives because we don't usually chat. In other words, Christmas brings everyone back together. :P
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Here, In china that holiday isn't so popular. But I think I will go shopping that day, and I will also go to have a great dinner. :)
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Generally my family finds other people to celebrate Christmas dinner with. I occasionally get included in events on the margins of Christmas like brunch or the evening meal.
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This is one of the favorite festival of mine and of my whole family. We assemble together at my Granny's home. She make our traditional family fruit with Chocolate cake. We went to church and make our day special with different and delicious meals. We will dance, party whole night. That was amazing.

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Christmas is the only festival that can create a season of lights, colors and gifts. This is the season that brings a lot of smiles, hugs and a cheerful atmosphere for months. From November sellers are in a hurry to bring other varieties and sell them to you slashed down prices.

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Christmas is a big occasion in ours. Many gifts coming towards on this day. But we never watch all kind of people are enjoy this festivle?

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Ryans! It's not a family custom really. However, we do try to enjoy ourselves
while outside. We will normally go out for a dinner, visit shopping malls and
have a few drinks. The Christmas tree will be up if we feel like having it, but
in recent years we just couldn’t be bothered, it takes too long to decorate!

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Hey Ladies  and gentlemen just wondering what tis website is about saw my son on it

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Dear Romello Peace,
This site,, is a question/answer website, also partly just for people all over the world to connect and discuss and have fun.

There are three moderators who do a wonderful job of making certain there is no profanity or anything unsuitable for young people, or old people like me who just prefer gentility and good manners, I will be 72 years old in a couple of months. I also learn a lot from doing research on the questions that come up, and exchanging ideas with people all over the world.

Your son needs to be age 13 or older, and then from the point of view of the administrators he would be welcome...perhaps you might like to just check it out, you would be very welcome to make certain you are comfortable with your youngster here.

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