What Time Does Christmas Dinner Normally Start?


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There is no "rule of thumb" on the time.  It can be the decision of the the hostess having the dinner.  Or it can be discussed with family/friends who are at the dinner as to what time is best for everyone.  When we host dinner at our house, we usually have dinner around 4 or 5:00 in the afternoon.  But guests arrive sooner in order to visit and have appetizers/drinks, etc.  This year my daughter is having at her house and we are eating at 2:30.  So the time varies for each person.
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It varies from household to household.  Many families begin the feast at noon and others begin it at 6 p.m.  It is appropriate to allow the main cook/hostess to choose the hour she wishes to have the meal on the table.  The hostess should always be allowed to dictate the hour at which the meal is to begin.  This year, at my house, I plan to have the Christmas meal ready and on the table between noon and 1p.m.
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I am terrible about being on time, lol I usually have it around 6 pm I don't like an afternoon dinner. I cook for 4 days usually, and when I get to the day for cooking the main course, I don't want to start at 6 in the morning. Lol I like the evening dinner best. ^_^
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We have dinner at 3pm sharp (coincidentally coincides with the Queen's speech). It is rude for you to try and dictate the time the dinner is served if you are not the host. Christmas Day is hard enough for the host without lots of people turning up at random times. Bear in mind, the host may have other family members or chores and visits to do on Christmas Day and therefore the meal should be served at the hosts convenience, not yours. If you have a tradition of your own, but you are a guest, do not try to enforce it or dictate it, but rather ask if it would be ok to incorporate it. Christmas is a time for love and giving, not a time to get one over on your host, you will end up looking selfish, mean and hard.
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Any time it is ready, soon after company arrives, all depending on family traditions, how many places they need to be on that day, etc.  Some eat dinner at noon at one side of the family's home and then they eat again in the evening at the other family's home.
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We usually start eating when the Goose comes out of the oven.
In other words, when your Goose is cooked you might as well just eat it.
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You gave me my early morning smile, Debossman. Thanks for your quick wit.
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My husband's aunt like to start to eat around 12 noon.  This way, we finish eating around 1:30.  Afterwards my husband as his cousin with nieces and nephews in tow, go and hit a few golf balls.  Come back around 3-4PM and we start to snack on the leftovers.  That way there is very little leftovers to pack up and take home.

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