What Is The Best Way Of Decorating Your Dinner Table For Christmas?


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The very BEST way to decorate any table (at Xmas or otherwise), is by placing family and friends around it, as shown in this Norman Percevel Rockwell (1894-1978) painting, from 1943:

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We have a very interesting way of doing it. We cover nearly every existing inch with the dishes and the food containers. Then we put all the seating choices, two matching dining chairs, three computer chairs, my sewing room chair with a booster seat for the toddler, who was recently moved from the high chair by his baby brother. There is no extra room for decorations, although I do use my Noritake China dishware, a special green and lace tablecloth, with decorator paper napkins, and the holiday glasses.
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My table is ready to go except for the family being here and the food being prepared.  I have a Christmas tablecloth that has red poinsettias on it.  In the center of the table is a large red vase which has colored balls in it.  The vase itself is setting in a wreath of greenery.  Sometimes I use a clear crystal bowl and set the bowl in the center of the  wreath.  The bowl is partially filled with water and then red carnations, white mums are floated in the bowl.  You can fill in the empty places with cranberries which also float in the water.  Makes a nice centerpiece.  Be careful when using candles, they can sure mess up a tablecloth.  I hope this has given you some ideas but the very best centerpiece is a beautifully browned turkey.  Merry Ho-Ho Christmas to all!
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There are so many different things that you can do for a table. Cloths, fruit bowls, cornucopia, pine cones, candles, berries, wreaths, colorful napkins too, little decorative presents, beads on a string, all kinds of things, you can combine many of these things too. Hope this helps you out.
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Thanks Tiggersmom for your answer. Good ideas all.
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Thanks, and I do not recommend glitter, that is a mess, it ends up in the food, in the clothes, follows you home, and won't move out even with an eviction notice. Lol

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