What Would You Do If You New For Certain That This Was The Last Day Of Your Life?


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Barbara Fisher answered
I'd take a walk in the sunshine, along a beach. I'd stand before the ocean and let the cool breeze blow across my face. I would continue walking until I was so exhausted I could no longer stand up, because then it wouldn't matter. I would watch a sunrise and sunset with someone I love, then go visit all the special people in my life, and tell them good-bye.

I have systemic lupus and am not allowed to enjoy the sun for any length of time. So if I knew it would not matter I would walk and walk. I might visit anyone I thought I had hurt in my life and tell them I am truly sorry. I am sure the day would be filled with hugs and kisses.

I feel in my heart that everyone should live each day as if it is his or her last . We never really know.
Mia Teeliumtrozzle Profile
I would feel a little sad, because I'm too young to die, but I would also be very excited and happy because I know I would get to see God soon. I would make sure I was in a state of grace, I would make sure there would be someone to look after my gerbils, budgies and goldfish, I would write a Will leaving all my stuff to the people who need it most, I would say goodbye to all my special friends and then I would visit some of my favourite places for the last time.
Kiss and hug my hubby and kids and maybe just hold them the whole day ...Yes that's what I'd do. My family is everything to me!!!!
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joory amro answered
If I knew it was going to be my last day I would say goodbye to my family and friends. Then I'll pray all day long and ask for forgiveness until God (ALLAH) takes my soul.

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