Can You Think Like A Warrior?


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Do not feel you are, be familiar with, you are that was what Morpheus said to Neo in the motion picture the Matrix. That one mention extremely defines the outlook of the warrior. You can study each book eternally written on the focus of fast, condition and encouragement, but I will guarantee you one thing, you will not at all attain your goals of losing weight or getting your climax of material condition.

The grounds I say that is for the reason that you have not cogent, the mind set of the warrior. In will the mentality of the warrior is not a sane mind, of course logic does take part in a fraction but it is not in manage of the warrior's brain. The energetic strength of the warrior's brain is the trust that he has in himself. This is what Morpheus proposed when he said that well-known suggestion do not think (judgment) you are, Know (trust, certainty) you are. Do not get me in the wrong, reason does have an expensive position in the mental mace store of the fighter, but it is not the dynamic strength of the fighter.

Conviction is what will obtain you during those tough days, when you are detoxing from your caffeine or cigarette infatuation. Sense could not at all hope to encourage you that tomorrow will be a healthier day.
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Thinking like a warrior needs some kind of features and God given abilities. A warrior is the person who plays the major role in a war and takes the moves according to the situation. He saves himself and his army from enemy and tries to kill his enemy. A warrior must have the ability to think fast and he should have the extra knowledge of the war. Because in a battle, there is no middle point, either you win or you die. There is a very popular statement about war is "War does not tell you who is right, it just tells you who is left". So the war's first objective is save yourself and the next objective is to kill your enemy before he kills you. For this purpose you should have technique, extra power of thinking, Quick thinking, Strategies and skills for war in the current situation. A warrior of the sword cannot fight with a warrior of the modern age with guns and other modern arms. If you have all these above written abilities, you can be a warrior and you can fight in a war and you can be the winner of the war but still all these things will matter.
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You need to believe that what you are doing is for a good cause. When you truly believe that you have a responsibility to do what is right, your thoughts, your movements and everything that you are, becomes congruent to that cause. This cause has to be important to you and worth going through hell for. Find a worthy purpose, and you will have unlocked the warrior within you.
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If you are a regular warrior like those that serve on earth as a physical person, then that's okay but someone else can be stronger or more skilled. If your talking about a prayer warrior, that person can have training on earth and be trained in the spirit under God to battle demon forces. I am a prayer warrior. I pray on behalf of other who are going through sickness, disease, evil, etc.
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What every good warrior needs is zanshin. It refers to a state of awareness – of relaxed alertness. It is being aware of everything but having your focus on nothing. It helps you to rely on your instincts more than conscious judgement. Zanshin also keeps you calm in the heat of battle and does not allow you to be caught off guard. It heightens your senses and sharpens your reflexes.

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