When Do You Start Your Christmas Shopping?


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I pick up stuff whenever I see it. I am always buying little stocking stuffers for everyone. I have a couple of places that I stash stuff thoughout the year. And I do give some of the best gifts since I don't wait until the last minute. And I always have a couple of kind of generic gifts for unexpected people who show up at the holidays so they won't feel left out.
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I did my shopping today, online on a site called christmasmonth.com
Of Course I haven't bought everything yet, but I purchased some toys for my two children.

So yeah, I do not wait until the last minute because I like buying gifts as soon as I can.
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I start shopping about now. I stash gifts and stuff at relatives houses to keep the kids out of it and if I start now I won't feel it so bad when bills come in.
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I like to start in September.  I pick one person in the family every payday and get their gift.  I makes the holidays a whole lot let stressful.  The only problem is figuring out what to buy that far in advance.
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My shopping starts for the next Christmas right after Christmas. No special point going to stores or anything but as I am out throughout the year and find items I like, I purchase and put away for christmas. That way, by the time Christmas comes around, I am done and can relax when everyone else is running crazy.
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Well when me and my sisters were little my mum would get all the christmas shopping done early to make sure she had everything and that there was no rushing about, and to make sure there was no disapointment at christmas, So if your shopping for kids i suggest you get it done earlier, but if your shopping for mates and friends i think its fine to just get it done at the last minute.
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I love shopping on Christmas eve night
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Thank you for your question.

I'm definitely a last minute shopper so I get what people want.

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I  really  don't  spend  money  on  Christmas  cause  i  can't  afford  it

I   just   more less  have   A  nice  meal  and  thats  about  it
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I usually start early. As in August. Christmas is so expensive and even more on a fixed income.

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Now is a good time to start to make sure you can get the items you really want.  If you wait too long items can go out of stock.

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