What Is History Of Halloween? And How Do You Celebrate Halloween?


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It all started with Celtics starting their new year in November 1st Celts believed that on the night before the new year, the boundary
between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred. On the
night of October 31, they celebrated Samhain, when it was believed that
the ghosts of the dead returned to earth. In addition to causing
trouble and damaging crops, Celts thought that the presence of the
otherworldly spirits made it easier for the Druids.  To get rid of all the "bad" they would burn all old crops and animals as sacrifices to the Celtic deities.  They would were costumes of animal skins and heads. Then this culture spread throughout changing a little bit of course and when immigrants came to america they brought these traditions. Slowly halloween in america emerged. The first celebrations included "play parties," public events held to
celebrate the harvest, where neighbors would share stories of the dead,
tell each other's fortunes, dance, and sing, but Halloween was not yet
celebrated everywhere in the country. As more immigrants came from Ireland we began taking from Irish and English traditions, Americans began to dress up
in costumes and go house to house asking for food or money, a practice
that eventually became today's "trick-or-treat" tradition.
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Could you re-format your answer?
I think blurtit's auto formatting almost ruined it, Just make the portions of History of Halloween, How it was celebrated and How it is celebrated now in different paras. It would make it easy to understand for other readers.
A big WOW! For your answer!
And do mention in last "How you celebrate it"?
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I am totally impressed by this answer. I had bits and pieces, being a bit of a history buff, but you filled in with other cultural associations, and traditions, that I knew of, but had not made the connection. This is definitely a WOW answer.
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It's a pagan holiday started by the druids. With my past abuse with the occult I don't wish to think anything more of this satanic holiday. We celebrate by taking our kids to church and let them dress up like Bible characters. There is plenty of games and don't forget the candy. Prizes are given to the best costumes. We call it Hallelujah Night.
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I am definitely with this, since I learned of the connection with the occult, I have not been comfortable celebrating it, but did not want to spoil the kids fun.
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There is nothing wrong with it being a pagan holiday pagans celabrate the earth
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When I was a kid we used to celebrate it by going to my aunt and uncles.  My uncles birthday is on Halloween. 
My kids love Halloween...they dress up and go trick or treating in the neighborhood.  When they get home we count how many pieces of candy they received.
We decorate the house, both in and out.  However, many times we have snow on the ground.  Yes! Snow...we live in northwestern MN and it's not uncommon. 
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I think F1134 answered very well...But I put up cute decorations around the house and take my son trick or treating..I love Halloween...so does my son..
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We didn't celebrate Halloween when I was a kid, my mom called it Satins holiday, All Hallows Eve, and a pagan holiday. Not to mention she thought teaching kids to beg for candy door to door was ridiculous. My mom got us candy for Halloween, but not the candy with Halloween wrappers. I think the most my fiance and I did was carve a pumpkin last year, and taught a tattoo shop how to do suspension for their haunted house.

I think F1134 pretty much covered the history so I'll just add a few links...
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I celebrated when I was a kid, and did not know the origins. I enjoyed it as an adult, because I liked dressing up in costumes. Carving the pumpkin is my favorite part. Mostly we just give out candy. I am uncomfortable with the whole thing, but I hate to spoil the kids, having a good time. I tried to keep it as positive, as I could, and We celebrated many at a church or work sponsored party.
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I decorate the windows and have candy ready for kids, and we take our daughter out in the neighborhood, and that is pretty much it for what we do about it, aside from watching some scary movies.
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So sorry to poop the party, but, being a committed christian I never celebrate Halloween, which, as has been correctly pointed out, is basically a pagan festival.

In modern times it is the witches' "New Year".  Having met and known one or two witches very well, I know first hand what they believe and how sad and emotionally abused many of these poor people are.  They worship Satan, the Devil, and set themselves against God.  They believe that there is no distinction between good and evil as anything that happens or deed that is done by any person must be 'natural' or it could not possibly happen.

'All Saints Day', which is November 1st was the festival set up by the church to take the place of Halloween and that is what I observe, but by prayer, not with parties, dressing up and such.

I realize that the modern celebration of Halloween has no real connection with true witchcraft, and does no real harm as long as the trick or treating does not get out of hand.  Nevertheless, I know the suffering and degradation of the two people I know who indulged in true witchcraft, which is still alive and well, by the way.  That means I could never get involved in celebrating it myself.

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Wicca has nothing to do with "satan" as satan was a creation of the mediaeval church. True Wicca's main tenet is "Harming none, do what ye will." We're not evil, we don't do a lot of the things we've been accused of. It's sad that we're still thought of this way, and it's really sad that you don't stop and see how judging others is not very christian. Don't take a couple of people to be representative of all pagans. That would be like me saying all christians are narrow-minded hypocrites, which I know not all are, but some that I've encountered are like that.
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I believe what you call Wicca must be what I would call "white witchcraft". The people to whom I was referring in my answer were both involved in "black witchcraft". I was writing about what they separately told me they and other black witches believed and went through and it basically has nothing to do with my opinions, right or wrong.
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Originally called all hallows eve it is usually a week after Samhain a pagan/wiccan holiday it celebrates all the lost souls, kind of like the day of the dead on cinco de mayo, but you dress in costumes and go door to door it's very fun people even make up sayings like" trick or treat give me something good to eat if you don't beware I'll pull down your underwear!" :)  
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Halloween is the date of the year that ancient civilizations (idk which one) dressed up in animal furs to scare away evil "demons and spirit" from their villges. Traditionaly, nowadays, halloween is spent by many people around the world dressing up as something/someone else and walking (or however you do it) collecting candy from strangers houses (not meant to sound like a stupid thing. Lol) although, in some religions such as wiccan, halloween markes new years day at twelve o'clock. Conincidentaly, the colors of their new year is black and orange (the same colors as halloween)
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I have never celebrated this, as here in Australia it is not a common thing. Some do, but we don't normally. It was good though to read some of the answers given. I learnt about how it came about which i didn't know before.
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Its called All Hallows Eve. It is one of my favorite holidays besides the fourth of July which I also enjoy. But it represents All Hallows Eve.

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