Why Is Barrack Making Attempts To Ban Guns To The Public. I Am Afraid That This Could Lead To A Domino Effect, Resulting In The Freedom Of Speech Being Lost To Civilians?


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Barrack and any future president will never ban the sale of guns to the public. He doesn't have enough power nor does the entire congress and the american people will never allow that kind of power to anyone. Barrack forgets that we allow him to be there and its a privilege that can be revoked. The people of this nation will not stand for it and therefore it wont happen. They may stop you from getting fully automatic weapons or weapons meant for military such as bazookas, machine guns and things that aren't neccesary for a person to have on them for the purpose of self defense.your typical pistol, revolver or rifle will never be allowed to be revoked or forbided. This nation and its citizens wont allow anyone to supress its right to bear arms.
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Exactly, trying to form the ultimate powerful controlling Government by stripping the citizens of their constitutional rights. This is his "change" he talked about that so many believed
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I aggree very much. He is attempting to create peace by taking our rights and taking them away.

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