If You Could Change Things In The World What Is One Main Thing You Would Change?


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I guess I would agree with you Japeace. I would try to stop the hatred. It is as intensive and fervent as Bin Laden's hate for America and China's hate for Tibet, and as superficial, deliberate and trivial as many women's hate towards Sarah Palin because she wears nice clothes or is attractive. People transfer their fear to hate. When hate is justified in the mind, it becomes liberated to do anything it wants. Hate is like a rat gnawing at the soul and leads people to do what cannot otherwise be done. Hate if nurtured, can kill any sympathy and worse even the ability to feel empathy.

I would also change the 40 hour work week. 25-30 hours is plenty for anyone. At least then, I would feel like I have a life during the week.
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For all people to do one good/nice thing for a different stranger once a week for the rest of their lives. That would make this world a better place and we might see how we all need love/caring to thrive.
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Hey, interesting question!! I would definately remove poverty in 3rd world countries like my country Kenya. I would let everyone know how much the Lord loves us and spread the Christian message throughout the world.
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You can make this difference Why because with God all things are possible we just have trust him and believe thanks for answering
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First of all, as far as I can see, the 1st thing I would change...is fight between people and wars in the countries. Because it is the main thing that leads to the serious calamities that occur to the society and in the houses of families.
So, when fight quarrels would stop, peace would tyrannize and then every compartriot would understand the other, respect his ideas and thoughts and they would share them with each other and that would no doubt let the society develop well and cheerful would have to be drawn on all people's figures.

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