What Act By The Government Would Most Assist You?


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Re enact the Immigration Act of 1924. Put quotas back on who comes into this country  Since this act was abolished in 1965 this country has gone to Hell. This is not my country anymore and I'm to old to learn to speekee Spanny. Half the middle east, the countries of the old Soviet Union, Africa and just about any other GD country are here Our cities are gone. I want to know who gave away my country.. I would love to have a benign dictator take over America and the first act would be to execute all the Congress and Supreme Court.  Break all ties with the Middle East and Israel in particular, which is the main cause of the trouble in the world today, Everyone knows it but is frightened to say it.
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And who created Israel and made the Jews go there?? I agree to break ties with ALL of them; but, unfortunately, that is impossible! There will always be troublemakers in the world. Funny, they think it is america and we think it is them. Regardless, if it ain't Arabs, it will be chines or somebody. There will never be Peace!! I just want my social security and for the world to leave me and my guns ALONE!! LOL
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No one MADE the Jews go there It was the GD British that let them start that place. No other Country wanted them and that's been the case for thousands of years. Where ever they are there's trouble. Maybe Iran will develop their bomb and settle the unrest. One things for sure WE do not belong there
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I agree
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No increases in any tax(income tax/property tax/state tax/sales tax) unless i also get a cost of living increase to keep up with them.
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Personally, the only act that I would like to see the government perform is to stay OUT of my life. However, this is impossible here in America. Therefore, I would like the government to get its head OUT and stop raising my property taxes and every other tax. Its a pure shame that I have to pay, for example, property taxes which a portion goes to the local school system and pays for bus transportation when my child walks to school. The money also goes toward free lunches and my child pays for lunch. The story goes on and on. I am paying double for everything!! I am taxed to death and now my gov't is trying to smother the middle class and I am seeing unemployment at a higher rate than ever before. I am sick of paying 1,000s of $$$ in social security which I will never re-coop. I am tired of the gov't and Americans ALLOW the govt too much into their lives and what MOST people do not understand is that the MORE one allows the gov't in (by taking the lil handout) then the gov't will swoop in one day and suffocate our lives and life will NEVER be the same. One should NEVER allow the government to assist you UNLESS you are for example, disabled or you have earned the program that the gov't is offering like scholarships or benefits. The government is here to protect us and NOT to provide for us.
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I'm a John Bircher. You're right stay our of our lives. Not a Commie, maybe just a shade of Pink.
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Gee where are all the people who say everything is great here?
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Just protect my constitutional rights Like equal protection under the laws.
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If part of healthcare reform (public option) would be to allow insurance companies to accept individuals through an assigned risk category, like auto insurance companies currently do. It would create more work at my company...and it would provide health insurance to those that couldn't otherwise afford it.
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Give us Socialist medicine, I'm red blood patriotic American, but our health system sucks, they have better care all over Europe and even Cuba.  Do this without raising taxes, just cut out BS and do it without listening to the BS of the insurance companies and the doctors.  Make health care non profit.
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100% employment for every citizen that wants to work.
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Would be good Yarn.
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A citizen should have to work UNLESS, of course, that citizen is disabled or Senior. Otherwise there MUST be a contribution of some sort!!
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Boost in the number of jobs too decrease the rate of underemployment, and also the taxes charge rates, so that the cost of living would be easier to bear with.
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You asked what act by the government would most assist me.  As noted by other posters, taxes are killing me.  My house is paid for,  but currently the taxes (property, school, hospital, sales tax, etc.) when added together,  are more than what I was paying on my mortgage monthly.   Thankfully, Texas does not have an income tax.  But, at my house it costs more to flush the commode than it does to fill it up because they have such a high sewer fee.  By saying it is a fee they can claim it is not a tax - it is just a fee. So, they can claim they don't raise taxes, they just raise the fee.   Lots of that kind of thing going on here in my city/state & it is killing us financially.  

Social Security was another issue that was brought up by another poster.  Social Security did not have a cost of living raise this year for the older citizens, yet congress gave themselves a cost of living raise. Food prices are up, taxes are up, gasoline is out of sight (thankfully dropping some) etc.  SS is not a give me program.  This is a program that each working person contributed to.  I just would like to have back what my husband and I put into it.  It was not a elective program - it was something we were forced to contribute to.  Give me back my cash and let me handle my own finances.  At the very least, the citizens that are working now should be given the option of participating or not.   

I do believe that many of our taxes would be less if we were not supporting, educating and medically treating those that are in our country illegally.  Why should I, a legal citizen that has worked and been a contributing member of our country have to contribute to the well being of a criminal.  People like to be politically correct and call them "illegals", I like to be absolutely correct and call them criminals.  There is a vast difference between those that come to this country by following the rules and those that think they are too good to get in line to enter our country legally.  They want to jump ahead of their own countrymen.  Why their own race,  who comes here legally,  puts up with the criminal activity of those sneaking into the U.S is beyond me.  Those who sneak in only makes the acceptance of those who come here legally more difficult.  Then when they are here,  many protest their "treatment" in the U.S. And rally carrying the flag of the country they fled from....crazy!   Still, our government allows this to continue and it is done on the backs of our own citizens and countrymen.  People have got to wake up to what is happening, secure our borders,  and stop the give-a-way programs for those that are not citizens of the United States.  We are giving away our country!
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Two things:

The total elimination of any/all income taxes, and ultra-strict enforcement of our illegal alien laws, coupled with much better and more sophisticated border patrols.
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Getting it' s--t together and all in one place.
After that, we'll know where we stand.
(knowing the government nowadays,
they'd get it all together and then
forget where they put it)!

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