What Do You Expect From The Spouse Of A Politician?


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I expect her to divorce him, once she discovers that he has been cheating on her.
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I don't expect much. Not because I don't think they are capable of doing anything. It just seems that every first lady or spouse of a politician champions one cause (tops).
They are handed something for cute photo ops, usually nothing of any great importance, but something that can occupy at least one term with minimal results or publicity.
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To Have Morals Because They Are In Public Office.. To Be Able To Speak Properly  And With Wisdom Because They Are With An Elected Official ..To Not Expect To Get Away With Appalling Behavior..  To Not Tolerate Corruption And To Report It .. If You Are The Spouse of A Naughty Boy; Then Don't Just Forgive Him.. If You Have Wads Of Cash..Don't Spend It On 6 Cars..Spend It On Charity
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I expect a good MORAL reputation and when someone screws up and is caught cheating then the spouse should divorce them. If the cheater, liar, thief is in OFFICE, then he or she should be REMOVED immediately. I mean iffn u can't keep ur pant zipper up, what can u do?
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I expect her  to try and use his office to push her own agenda while letting him take the brunt of her mistakes and her taking credit for him making her agenda happen if it works. Switch him with her and repeat.
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What I would like to see and what we get are not always the same thing.  Blind loyalty seems to be the norm when infidelity is proven...but not always.  But, it does seem to be that power and money often take precedence over morals for both the spouse and the office holder.  I expect a spouse to take an active role in some charitable organization and/or some other deed that will improve our country even if it is something as mundane as Lady Bird Johnson's Beautify America.  I expect the spouse to have good manners and to represent our country well.
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I expect them to be a good reflection of the country, well mannered, reasonably intelligent, and a good  on the domestic side to the politician.

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