What Kind Of Background Makes A Good Politician?


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Michelle Grant answered
Honesty and experience,if you can find it.
Subramanian Mahadevan Profile
A mind that has become insensitive to abuse, a brilliant brain that never found its mooring, enough charisma to connect to people's minds and plenty of ambition to become powerful and lord it over everyone else.
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A compassionate, honest, altruistic person. Not one who (like most nowadays) put his/her interests first, is corrupt and is in it mostly as a stepping stone to riches and fame.
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A man or woman who is an expert in economics, finances, stocks, etc; who is compassionate to the plight of the many, who takes care of this country, not foreign aid; who is humble.
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One that usually helps out in her area and neighbors hood and make dream come though and very responsible person.
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Respectfully, your question is flawed, because you assume that there is such a thing as a good politician.

There are indeed, and the one thing they all have in common, Mate, is that they are DEAD.

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