What Is A Politicians Promise Worth?


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Not a whole lot. But in some cases they could be blocked by other politicians trying to live up to promises they have made (which would include stopping whatever politician A promised)
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No more than what is capable of being achieved in the political environment or climate they will be working in when elected they are elected, at the very most. At the very least not worth any thing at all. Many times promises cannot be kept because political opposition blocks them.
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Worthless, more often than not.
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I'd say... 1/1000th of what their shoes are worth. But even that is pretty generous.
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I think they are political promise made for votes etc. Not for keeping them most of times.
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Travis Tritt sings a song about money talking on his CD Monkey Business, there's a line in there about politicians promising a chicken in every pot----and "we're still eating potted meat and Spam".  I'll borrow that line from him, a can of potted meat.
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When a politician makes pronouncement about what he wants to accomplish if he elected, the people mistakenly believe that is a promise. It really is nothing more than a statement of his desire to achieve the goals if he is elected.
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Being kind....you certainly can not count on their promises.  A promise is something they frequently say to get elected.  People lie,  so do politicians.  Some may not deliberately lie but no matter how much they desire a particular outcome, they are not the only one that votes and/or makes the laws once they are elected.  Good intentions do not make a good outcome every time.

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