Why Are People Who Defend Their Countries Against US Occupation Called Insurgents, And If We Protect Our Country We Are Called Heroes?


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It depends a lot on the situation,
If the ones depending actually have a point, or they are just more sabotaging maniacs.

But people who defend their countries rightfully with good reason are sometimes accused. It's all what the media wants us to think, and those who are not fooled are the ones who live in a cruel state of mind that knows the truth but can not do much.

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These are military terms which are used by military officials of respective powers to describe the classification of each of the respective groups as to the way each side views the other and only reveals the classification of the classifier and is in fact biased of course......
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G'day Jackyl,

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Insurgents is a  neutral word. Personally, I support our troops overseas and fighting wars that must be won for the safety of us all including the majority of people in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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What does neutral word mean in your context? Were members of the Continental Army Insurgents to the British?
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Neutral meaning no positive or negative feeling
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And you truly believe that poppycock? It's oil mate, we could care less about the arab or Persian peoples and even less about the Jews. But if you buy into this brainwashing propaganda about how we're saving the world then you'll go to your grave with your last thought being just how wonderfully compassionate our species really is. HAH...

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