Should Immigration Be Controlled Far More Than It Is Currently?


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G'day Omnom,

Thank you for your question.

I welcome legal immigrants and oppose illegal immigrants. Governments need to have sensible policies in place to encourage legal immigration and discourage illegal immigration. Most societies have benefited from immigration over the centuries.

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I believe that Immigration laws should be as such that families that need a passport or a green card to go and work to feed and shelter their families can do that. The exploitation of illegal immigrants is horrifying. The companies can make them work for almost no pay and just hold the fact that they are illigal immigrants over their heads.
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Why pay high electric bills, when they can work the hell out of illegals. They crossed our borders and are CRIMINALS, don't forget that.
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Tell me about it...
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Our sufficiency has been satisfied, any more would be a superfluity. Let me splain it in English. We got too many now we don't need any more and if we do get more we should get rid of them by hook or by crook. Enough is enough already. Yes, and don't ask I do suffer from xenophobia in it's advanced stages and guess what.....I don't care and am proud of it.
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And please no one mention anything about "MELTING POT" because I feel like barfing in it. Those days are gone.
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Jackyl & Keithold make valid points.  There are 2 types of immigrants.  You have legal and you have illegal.  I am all for one and totally against the other.  The infiltration of this country by those who come here illegally are a potential threat to us as citizens.  Who is to say that the next illegal entering our borders is not going to be a terrorist?  We must secure our borders for more than one reason.
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Hi again Britain it's getting out of control.with the European community countries having the "right" to come hear.we have to draw a line and control entry a lot more efficiently.
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It has nothing to do with banning them or allowing them into the country .it has to do with who they have been or are affiliated other words if we don't do a background checks on them all we could be allowing the next 9/11 terrorists into the country or drug gang members from other countries into the country to cause even more trouble than we have with our own we have seen in the past on the borders. I recently was watching a show about the border of mexico and this man was going through the crossing in a truck acting like he was just a migrant worker but when one of the police at the border on a hunch decided to search the truck the man had the head of someone he was hired to kill for the drug dealers in mexico stashed under his seat. Another woman was hauling a man hidden behind one the side panels of her mini van. The best one was a mobile home that had been modified to carry a wall of cocaine behind the master bedrooms headboard.literally a foot deep and 8 feet by 8 feet wall of cocaine packed behind the wall boards.these type of people have no conscience about hurting anyone or even destroying life as long as they are paid. They were brought up in a different way than the citizens of the united states and have no loyalty to this country. I guess you say it's like trying to train a killer whale not to act like a killer whale and attack someone.these people that are trying to come to america illegally already exhibit the fact that they don't follow the laws of this land so why allow them into the country to break other laws as they see fit.blah blah blah yackity smacks(means i could go on but you get the point).oh! I guess this is why guns and rifles are selling like hot cakes not to mention ammunition.
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I sometimes dream about what it would be like if they all went home and let us have our land back, but then I wake up and realize that without immigrants, our casinos would be half empty, with only the South American,  Japanese and Russian tourists. The Europeans aren't big spenders.
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Depends If They Are Legal Or Not I Guess If They Are Legal They Deserve To Be Treated Fairly. . If They Are Illegal Either Become Legal Or Learn How To Become Legal
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Obviously it should be controlled better on the southern border of the United States. Lawmakers are afraid to speak out or take action for fear of being labeled a racist or xenophobe. Because that is what happened to the ones who did speak out, and this goes for the executive branch as  well.
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As a European citizen one thing that has become apparent: Immigration is something that needs to be managed rather than controlled. It's not as simple as either allowing or banning immigrants, to treat them as legal or illegal. It goes beyond that. Political entities need to establish an effective system which  is able to take into account and provide solutions for particular circumstances. Below are some quick ideas about the issue:

Firstly, we must establish an effective and safe system of transport. It is becoming increasingly difficult watching hundreds of innocent people drown in the Mediterranean on their way to Europe. Closing borders, building walls or fences, will ultimately amount to nothing. Having a safe and reliable transport system to and from the source countries gives us, the receiving countries, space with which to find a solution while at the same time ensuring the inherent value of the human being remains intact.

After receiving migrants, the receiving authorities should run background checks to ensure these people pose no threat, and then decide on a category for the migrants, be it permanent settlement, transitory, etc. Many things should be taken into account when deciding this, including the capacity of the receiving entity.

More importantly, receiving entities, in order to truly solve issues of migration, especially in circumstances where there are more immigrants seeking entry than are able to be accepted, should look to work with source countries to solve causes of migration. This can be done, for example, through investment and trade relations, among other things.

Ultimately, one thing must be made clear: The issue of immigration is not going to go away, regardless of how many barriers you erect to stop it or limit it. Human beings naturally move to areas where they can have a better life, this is how it has always been, ever since before recorded history. This is not going to change. What we ought to do, as an international community, is strive to put an end to immigration out of basic necessity (i.e. To achieve a basic living). This will only be done by effectively managing, not strictly controlling, immigration, and by working together with our international partners.

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