Have You Ever Had Any Near Death Experiences ? (any Number Of Incidents)


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on december 25 , 2004 morning i was happily playing in the beach . I had come to attend a marriage in chennai. I was in the 4 th grade. I noticed that the waves were a little big that day. From far, it was very big. But as it came closer it became small.  I thought that as i had come  to the beach , the friendly waves became big to amuse me. I was so childish at that time. Then that evening i boarded the train to my native place which is not a hinterland . The next evening i heard the terrible news that there had been a tsunami on the coastal areas of india,sri lanka etc. I was terribly shocked at this news.if  i had been on the beach on the 26 th then i would have been swallowed by the giant waves and all those who were with me. I thanked god a lot for keeping me and my family safe. I couldnt"t bear to see the bodies of the victims. I prayed to god to keep atleast the family of the victims safe and that another tsunami should never ever affect any part of the world.
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A month ago i fell into a swimming pool and i can't swim but fortunately i was saved by a friend (cristiano!)
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Umm one time when I was 6 my friend was having a pony-themed birthday bash and they got ponies that we could ride and they were really well trained. But when a little kid on a tricycle went about 3 ft in front of its hooves it stopped very suddenly and I sort of slid to the side and almost fell off... I don' t think that I would have died but if the pony had been moving still then yes I would be dead right now.   I can't think of any more but if I do I'll come back.
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Um, yeah. A few months ago i had pneumonia (increased stage of bronchitis which comes from a simple cold ) and "swine" flu ( influenza A ) and i was on the news in Japan and stuff because i was like the second person in the U.S.A to receive this medicine...anyway, it was a horrible experience and i hope no one EVER NEVER has to go thru something like this because it IS PAINFUL as hell and i couldn't run or walk for a few months and i STILL can't run as well as i used too....*starts sobbing* I WANNA BE AN ATHLETE! NO FAIR!!this is why i hope you go to the doctor when you get a cold because i hope you never have to go thru what i went thru. So...ya. Even tho i don't know why you asked this question, i hope this was, uh...helpful??
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Umm well I was in a rollover car accident. Another car hit us from the back corner, which is where I was sitting and that entire area crumpled in on itself.. They had to tear out the passenger seat to get me out..... :D.... Oh yeah and this one guy I dated became so depressed that he was going to commit suicide but wanted me to do it too 'cause I was "his and only his" so he tried to slit my wrists during sex....
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I Fell Out Of A Moving Pickup Truck..
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Three: When I choked in a swimming pool (it was way over my head) and when I choked on my spit and when something was clogged in my windpipe. I'm always choking!
But those are the three that were serious.
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Nope....i've nearly got scrubbed (run over) a lot of times and constantly fall down the stairs but not like an actual out of body experience :D
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I was in a coma in excess of 24 hours in 1981 when I was ejected from my car through the front windshield. To this day I only remember driving up to where my car left the road and waking up in the hospital almost two days later.
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Near lik if ur life counted on it? Yep i hav a guy was robbing my friends house and i was learnin sum stuff there and the robber came and grabbed 1 of the knives on the wall and put it in front of my neck and grabbed my hair but luckily i was learin how 2 disarm sum1 with a knife held up against my neck and i kicked him were it would hurt most 4 guys and he dropped the knife and i caught tht and then i pointed it at him he looked scared and then ran away is tht ok or was tht the wrong kind of near death he did say make any movements he would kill me
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If I recall well, just one. As crazy as it seems, I want to experience another one! Lol, it's exciting, feeling something happen when only it doesn't. Lol
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Maybe like two
one When I was like five one of my friends and I tied a jump rope to a bike and A tricycle I was on the tricycle And i fell Face first onto the pavement.
Two When I was six or seven I was riding my bike And it flipped over and I fell face first In the rocks And I was Bleeding alot and I freaked my mom out.
Did i mention that I hate the sight of blood especially coming from me lol
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Yep two one when I was seven and a kid thaught it would be funny to hit me over the head with a shovel...That hurt and I blacked out for a week and woke up in the hospital, and another one when I was nine and my friend's house I was sleeping over at caught fire and I had to jump out of a second story window.
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Erm well i was a premature baby (: And so i like was still born so yer i was dead and the cord was wrapped around me so again another one and then i had jaundice so nearly died then and almost got hit by a car not that long ago and that's about it really (:
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Yes i was like 7 or 8 and i was eating this peppermint ball candy and it was huge i was talking and eating my candy at the same then i started choking really bad and i couldnt breathe... Ok yess i know wat peppermint candy but yess it was very serious.
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I was in a accident. Truck rolled off a deep hill. I was on passenger side and thrown to the floor board. The cab of the truck completely caved in. They used the "Jaws of Life" to cut me out. If I were wearing a seatbelt, I would have been cut in half.
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Yer wen i was like 9 i was at the beach digging a hole and this kid came up and started helping me. Then we went in2 the water and the wind was realy strong so i got swept into this huge wave and i inhaled all this water and the lifesaver had 2 come and get me out =( since then iv nevr been 2 th beach again and i dont plan 2. Not in th near future newayz
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No but l had a friend of mine that did and l also read several books abou it. One was called 25 minutes in hell and the other was called 45 minutes in heaven.
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I had many in the month of march, a huge truck missed me by a whisker when i was driving my vehicle (bike), though it is not my fault loll.
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Tons...the most recent one was a week ago in a city when I did a side flip off of a pizza hut and almost landed on a barbed wire fence around their generator thing...as it was it scratched up my leg...
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Yup...i was in a bad car wreak...the windshield broke and went through my moms forehead...i was unconscious,had some bruises and a concussion...that was when i was 6...=P
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Hi Coldplace.Twice.Both heart attacks.It was the most painful thing i have endured.I hope  you never have one!!!!

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