Do You Think The US Government Should Do More Regarding The Oil Spill Disaster?


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I believe there is enough blame to shared by the government and BP.  Obviously, BP was not diligent about safety but the "trick" (severing the pipe from the well and then trying to capture the oil using a funnel like containment device)they are trying today, after all this time, is the one BP  wanted to try in the very beginning but was told by this administration,  no, that it must be a last resort attempt.  There is the possibility that it may indeed cause more oil to leak than is currently gushing into the ocean (at least in the initial stages), the reason the govt gave for waiting.  Still BP thought in the beginning that it was the best hope of containment and was not allowed to make the attempt until recently.  I sincerely hope something is found that works and quickly.  If the govt had some solution to this disaster, I believe it would have been implemented by now.  BP must be held accountable for the damage their lack of oversight has (and will) question there.  In the beginning the company  was making such statements, but recently I have seen a backing off of accepting responsibility.  BP CEO is now disputing findings by scientists from several universities who have reported large underwater plumes of oil stretching for miles and reaching hundreds of feet beneath the Gulf of Mexico's surface.  BP is saying the company has found no such plumes.   The govt is saying they are looking into bringing criminal charges.  I am not an attorney but it would seem that there has been criminal negligence on someones part.  The secondary wells are not supposed to be operational until August.  I believe we will be dealing with this ecological disaster for many years to come.  We need as a nation to pray that this "funnel"  works!
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People always say that in these situations, but what exactly is the 'government' supposed to do about a break in a pipeline a mile below the surface? Let BPs engineers fix the problem, annd let the government pur resources into the cleanup campaign. The finances can be sorted out with BP *after* the necessary work has been done by those with the required skills and equipment.
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I think that they should, if they could. I believe that we should all sue BP for all they're worth, but other than that there is, unfortunately, not much else that can be done
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Jason Parsons
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There is plenty that can be done. I have seen interviews with many engineers that have some really great ideas for how to stop this thing. But they are denied by the BP executives the opportunity to help actually fix this problem. That is why BP should be shoved out of the way, so that someone from the USA that actually cares about what is happening beyond profit loss, can actually come in and fix the problem.
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I believe there is more that could be done, however I do not believe that we as citizens should pay for this not to the Government in tax increases nor to the Oil companies in higher fuel costs down the road of which we all know is going to happen.
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Yes I do. This is a bunch of crap if you ask me. BP is obviously not equiped with enough legitimate engineers to handle this mess they have made. I think that the BP corporation should be confiscated by the US and sold off, and the money used to compensate everyone effected by this atrocity. The US should shove BP out of the way and get this thing to stop before BP lets it do any more harm. BP should be put out of business over this, or at least denied sales of their poisons here in the USA any longer and all of their current US residing oil rigs should be destroyed (which would probably put them out of business anyway).
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I believe they would have they had a solution but the oil well "experts" have been working non stop trying to come up with a solution to stop the leak and have come up empty. The US Goverment is not in the oil business and have no one on staff that has a clue what to do so all they can do is sit back and blame the ones involved and impose fines.
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Jason Parsons
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I disagree. The US has many competent engineneers that have already volunteered their services to BP. BP has denied their help though saying they can handle it. B.S.! If they could handle it the rig wouldn't have broken down in the first place. Those "Experts" you mention are the one's that got us here. How can the one's at fault be trusted to fix it when they weren't even competant enough to keep it together in the first place? If left to BP and their "Experts" the gulf is doomed.
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I think they should kinda.
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The government should offer their knowledge but not bail out BP. BP is the problem and they should clean up their own mess. Tax Payers will get stuck with the bill anyways. Maybe this will show Obama that oil drilling is never safe.
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No, once its burst it's burst, theres not a great deal they can do.

I think its a sign we should start to alleviate our dependency on fossil fuels.
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Yes, i do. This is a very disasterous situation BP has created for themselves. Knowing her, Michelle Obama will/should make this her 'new project'.

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