Does any one know anything about "The New World Order" or "FEMA Death Camps in US"?


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I am not really as skeptical as the previous answerer.
I do happen to believe there is an elite group of powerful people who methodically worm their ways into governments and rot them from the inside out.
Often through the setting up of a system like we have in America with the Federal Reserve.
Many of our founders warned against the dangers of centralized banking, in fact the previous entity which was the ancestor to the modern reserve was dismantled and done away with, I believe by Thomas Jefferson.
So I do believe through world banks, the IMF, and even other actions such as a coined term called "Catastrophe Capitalism" - where, for example Halliburton purchases the company who would be in charge of the oil clean up in the gulf, 9 days prior to the oil spill occurring..... And also simultaneously having a hand in the oil rig itself... They stack the chips, and let them fall, and then profit stacking them up once more.

FEMA Camps..... H.R. 645 is the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act. And it would allow for camps to be set up in the case of martial law being declared.
But thankfully that is unlikely to happen any time soon, because our economy is strong and has not been tampered with by corrupt bankers who have infiltrated our government at the highest levels.
Thankfully there aren't numerous amounts of people becoming poor and desperate, and the potential for rioting in the streets increasing as time goes on. Because then they might just have a reason to declare martial law, and utilize the powers they gave themselves in that bill.
Oh wait.... I may be being sarcastic, who knows hehehehe :)
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Thank You for that well thought and educatied Answer....So about that OIL SPILL ..Did you know a day or so after The largest Green Company in the World opened their doors for biz and it was financed by "QUALITY SERVERS" ie. Camfrog , and "PC MAG"..The name of the company but it is located in ITALY...Makes me wonder who own's the two company's mentioned above..Thanks Again
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The first is an imaginary group who are supposedly in charge of the leaders of all nations and interested in forming one all-powerful world government. It is totally fake.

The second is a set of imaginary locations within the United States, usually at the same location as military bases, where scare mongers claim the U. S. Is setting up to imprison everyone who disagrees with their policies. It is totally fake.
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So if somthing bad happins "like our economy goes bottoms up" as in all fairness mabey next year around now - You will feel alright being HELPED by FEMA ...If you had no money , food ect ?
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Of course, why wouldn't I. It's a government agency, just like the Social Security Administration, which I receive, and just like the Federal Communication Commission, which governs the airways, and The U. S. Treasury, which administers the IRS and all the other financial business of the government.

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