What are some birthday party fun games that adults can play as well?


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Musical chair!!!
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First of all i would like to tall you happy birthday Sarah,
on my point of view you can play some adult fun games on your birthday such as musical chair and ice breaker,
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Have you ever played the relay game of Bust the Balloon.  Choose sides and form into teams.  Each team is given twice as many balloons as they have team members.  The balloons are blown up about 3/4 full (not tightly blown up all the way).  When someone shouts "GO" one person from each team runs to the other end of the room where a chair awaits.  You must set on the balloon and bust the balloon (it's harder to do than you think & it may take several times of bouncing to break it).  When the balloon bursts, run back to the other end of the room, tag your partner, and he runs down to burst his balloon.  This goes on until one team has burst all of it's balloons.

Another fun game is to "Pass the potato".  Once again, break into teams.  The line-up should be one adult, one child, one adult etc.  Put the potato under your chin and without using hands, pass the potato to the next person until you reach the end of the line.  Then pass it back down the line until it reaches person #1.  Whoever does that first is the winning team.

Same concept for the 3rd game...."Pass the lifesaver".  You use a straw that is held in your mouth to pass a lifesaver candy down the line and back again.

The 4th game involves a very long string for each team.  The string should have a large paper clip tied to it and must be long enough to reach from one end of the line to another with some slack.  Person #1 takes one end of the string and runs it though one of his shirt sleeves and out the other shirt sleeve.  He passes that end of the string to person #2 who passes it through both shirt sleeves.  As they are doing this they must keep the string feeding through each person's sleeve as they go from one shirt sleeve to another, person after person.  The team that gets all of their players threaded with the string first, wins.

Hope some of these are interesting to you.  I have played them all from one time to another and they can be played with all ages of players as long as they are very, very young.  Have Fun!!
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Truth or dare
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Freeze Tag , (only if you have a pool) shark tag, Hide and seek and thats all I can think From: Emily Gumcell (PS TO HIEVERY1) im not webkinzco!!
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Thanks for not lying about webkinz co. To be honest I am webkinzco. I was a real asshole back then. Tell hievery1 I am sorry and ask if we can be friends ? :]
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Ludo or soduka

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