Do you like Christmas? Yes or No and Why?


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I have mixed feelings about Christmas.

I like the rich, years-old traditions surrounding Christmas, including both religious ones and secular ones (like the Christmas tree).  I like the celebration of Jesus' birth, and I like the spirit of celebration of the winter solstice, and the associated pagan traditions which have fused into Christian traditions to form the holiday that we now know as Christmas.

However, I strongly dislike the commercialism of Christmas.  In the United States, Christmas has become a holiday that glorifies consumerism.  I find this abhorrent on so many levels; for one, it strongly conflicts with the teachings of Jesus and the central tenets of Christianity, and it is thus a glaring example of hypocrisy and contradiction.  But religious questions aside, the commercialization of Christmas is disturbing on so many levels.

The media sends the message that we need to spend money in order to show our love to people.  This couldn't be farther from the truth, and it's a very unwholesome message.  Also, people are encouraged to buy things for others that they don't need, and to spend money in unsustainable ways, at big chain stores in big suburban shopping plazas, on cheap goods made in China sold at jacked up prices.  Children are bombarded with advertisements and are induced to pressure their parents into buying them material things, and are implicitly sent the message that if their parents don't buy things for them, it means that they love them.  It's totally perverse and outright evil.

I think we'd be better off if people would just make a hand-made card and give someone a hug and tell them "I love you."  That says more than any amount of spending ever can.

So yes, I like Christmas, I just don't like the way it has been corrupted and commercialized to support consumerism.
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Nati Kamylot
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I don't like Christmas for many reasons one of which you talked about and that is the gift giving. I hate how people throw money around and spoil their kids with things they don't need or appreciate. Have you ever heard the phrase "Keeping up with the Jones"?
Another reason is the tug of war with families and everyone thinking you should be here or there and it just makes me want to stay home by myself and do nothing. I have a long list of other reasons also.
Jim Bourbon
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Hey I completely agree with you. But check this history channel video out. Its nothing you didn’t already know but I thought it was pretty interesting. Http://
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Yes I love it as its the season when I can help people make their Christmas miracles come true, when anything becomes possible, and the world or parts of it come alive again with love and cheer
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Yes a lot!  It’s always good to see family and friends again and to just have a good time.  I also like how it's a mix of many different religions celebration of the winter solstice.  Which I like because I don’t think anyone should be left out of the fun.  I agree it has been grossly commercialized but I also think it's good to have something like that for kids to look forward too even though it does spoil them a bit.  But hey there are still 363 other days in the year you can teach them to be good, giving people (excluding their birthday of course).
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Nati Kamylot
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Maybe I'd think differently if I had kids..I don't know. You have kids then?
Jim Bourbon
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Haha no, and not planning on it for a few more years. I have a hard enough time taking care of my dog. But when I was a kid I didn’t really look forward to Christmas for the family and friends like I do now because I was around them all the time and I took it for granted. When I do have a kid I would rather them be playing with the other kids and their new toys rather than standing around with me and everyone else drinking and telling stories of what they have been up to for the last year.
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I don't celebrate Christmas.  But I enjoy Xmas . 
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Nati Kamylot
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What I enjoy about Xmas is putting up lights and creating art. However this year due to rising energy bills I am unable to do this which makes me sad.
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For the most part I like Christmas. I love seeing friends and family. I also love finding just the right gift. I start my Christmas shopping early. I listen throughout the year for when my family says things like, "I wish I had..." or I could use..." and then I go out and get it.

Friends and I have a long standing tradition as well. We get together on noon at Christmas Eve for an annual touchfootball game. It has been going on for nearly 40 years now. We started it in high school, and as people left for college we just made a pact to meet up. No invitation needed, just show up. It started with and is still based by the cross country team, so we recruit the new team in as well. My brother who ran is now the coach so that makes it easier. Over 20 years ago we divided the teams into "old" and "youngsters". The old team generally starts around the age of 20 and goes up to about 55 now, and they have a huge winning streak.

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Yes I do, because Christmas gives you a chance to get stuff you don't have and make others happy. I remember making cards for the military and I would just love to see there happy faces.

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