Do you think in some regards it was better for some people to die young?


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I do if they were in constant and terrible pain and there was no chance of any improvement.
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Well, there are plenty who continue to shame their reputations and are unfortunately still alive. Personally, I see no justice in Ronnie Van Zant, Elvis or any young person NOT living a good long life. Things happen for unknown reasons and I surely ain't gonna sit it and question why. I really chose not to think it about it that much. I am sorry for the families but am glad that those people were born/did live to share their music with us
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Joe B.
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Excellent answer, thank you.... Helpful tomorrow when I can.... Forgot about the Lynyrd Skynyrd crew.... And Buddy Holly and those folks as well..... But you summed it up, sympathy for the families, but joy for their lives and what they shared with us all. Well said and thank you once more.
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Hitler should have died young, so yes :p
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Ace anonymous
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Well had hitler died young, WWII would have never happened, which means that hundreds of millions of ppl would not have relocated and moved around the way they did which means that most probably your grandparents or great grandparents wouldn't have ever met and then you wouldn't exist today. Also we wouldn't have near as much of the amazing technology that we have today was it not for WWII.
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Sure the Good always die young
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Depending open the thinking of an individual!!
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Joe B.
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Well my thoughts, as it pertains to the context of the question, was in the mindset that once a individual attains celebrity status, they cannot ever become "unfamous" but rather only, infamous, which is not a sought after title.
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Lolz yes in some regards yes I think its better that certain peoples have died young and in others no. I guess it depends on the specifics of the circumstances in which we are talking about.
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Joe B.
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Yes indeed...... I think Jesus should have lived longer, it would have made the last two hours of Jesus of Nazareth much more entertaining to watch, seeing him squirming about a bit more...... Like the whole 6 hours led to his nailing, and the end was quite lackluster
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If they have a sickness or is in pain, yes, it is better for them to die young

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