Will you be making any New Year's revolutions this year?


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Annie Devore answered
Well.. My New Years Wish To Be Taller Never Makes It . Through      Seriously. I Guess To Be An Even Better Person Than I Am.. To Stay Healthy  .  To Keep  Volunteering With Disabled Adults..To Teach  Help And  Encourage Even More People Than I Have Been .To Keep Making A Difference.I'd Love To Try A New Food.  Learn To Play The Drums.  Every Year I Try A New Food. Last Year It  Was Tofu.. In 2009.. It Was Broccoli This Year It Wil Be Starfruit Or.Some Sort Of Veggies I Eat Lots Of Varieties But 3 Or 4.. I Have Avoided For  Years Radishes  Onions . I Will Learn Spanish Or The Drums I Don't Care If It Takes 9 Months. .
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Amelia Franklin answered
I always seem to set them, but never carry them out. This year I'm going to skip the first part and get on to the bit where I break the rules:)
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Just survive long enough to make my goal on here by this time next year and be able to handle the in betweens that always seem to pop up unexpectedly
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Hilary Newton answered
No i want it to be a peaceful year, so i hope there will be no Revolutions at all but i am not hopeful, there may be unrest due to Goverment cuts petrol almost £6 a litre,
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Tony Newcastle
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Yes, you saw my deliberate spelling mistake! But I do think 2011 will see loads of social unrest in UK, as you predict. David Cameron had better think of hiring more bodyguards... :)

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