How Does The Industrial Revolution Affect People's Everyday Lives?


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The Industrial Revolution affected many people, some of these people were affect in a positive way and some in a negative way. The new industry needed a lot of working hands, which provided many new jobs available for all that applied. Some of these jobs required specific talents, which could vary from forging metel to carving wood.

Not all of these jobs were reserved for adults, some jobs even hired children. These are the cases that went bad, because these children would sometimes have to operate heavy machinery, and if it was not handled properly they could get injured or even killed.

The Industrial Revolution also brought money to the people, to rich and poor, old and young. But unfortunately the pay was not at all fair. The rich would of course benefit the most, the poor would just make what they worked for, and the children were paid much less than adults. Even so they were all making a living.

The new Industry also needed locations in which to build upon; this is where the people that live in rural places, such as farmers, or just people in an open area would be affected negatively. These industries would consume these lands in order to grow. They would use these ares for both factories and transportation services.

Even though the Industrial Revolution had its down sides not all of it was bad. During these times of need, we created many things that bettered ourselves an made life more productive. All from means of transportation to assembly lines, all of these came from times like these. The Industrial revolution was a bumpy road, but in the end it was an important piece of technolodgic advancement that we needed to be where we are today.

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By: Jorge Ivan Fabela, for TVS.

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As a result of the Industrial Revolution, much advancement took place. The steam engine was introduced and there was lot of development in the agricultural methods which required lesser man power as a result of which the people started migrating towards urban areas contributing to the creation of metropolitan centers. Many factories were also set up and there were changes in the political system, institutions, society and economy. The population expanded and there were improvements in living standard. Many factories starting working and they used a lot of labor. One great disadvantage of all these conditions was the poor working conditions of the workers. They were used like machines and the aspect of humanity was completely ignored while making them work. The wages were not enough for them and the health conditions were not good. This continued for many years during the revolution.
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Change in economy and that changed the way of thinking
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Yes, industrial revolution make our daily life better and better.

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