How Does Politics Affect The Lives Of People?


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Politics affects every aspect of a citizen's life.

Definition of politics
  • Politics is the art or science of governance.
Using this definition, it's quite easy to understand how politics can have a fundamental impact of the lives of ordinary people.

How does politics affect people?
  • Once a government is elected into power, it can pass, amend and create legislation - which will affect your life.
  • The legislation may change the amount of tax you pay, the price of gas, the type of education your children receive, or the amount of state help you are entitled to (such as healthcare or any form of benefits).
  • The government can take your country to war, and can do pretty much anything within the confines of the country's political framework. All these actions will either directly or indirectly affect your life.
  • Your vote counts, especially to politicians. So they will try and enact policies that improve your quality of life (if possible), in order to win your vote at the next election.

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