What's your favourite type of accent?


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Awesome  Autumn Profile
Awesome Autumn answered

I love Scottish, I wanna be Scottish. I love the accent.

Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
English and Australian accents are so sexy to me:)
Ben Will Profile
Ben Will answered
I dont have any favorite type of accent.
Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
It will always be one ladies Scottish accent.
Which dances in my ears and whirls around my brain like the most soothing breeze in springtime.
If she reads this she will know it is her I am speaking of, because she is my soul mate.
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Lianna Lins
Lianna Lins commented
Haha, how sweet. I love Scots accents too, meself bein a Celt and all =)
Joe B.
Joe B. commented
Yea I got a bit of Scottish and Irish in me.
But sadly I am at the end of the day, an abrasive American from the Mid West
Lianna Lins
Lianna Lins commented
Oh really? I'm full Irish but my accent's only very slight :(

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