What did medieval people think of king john?


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They thought highly of him, cant think why he only spent 6 months out of 10yrs in England spent his time in France,lousy King,
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Don't know where the two previous people who answered , learned their history
King John of England . Held the reigns together , while his brother, went abroad to "fight" in the 'Holy Wars'  . His brother was Richard the 1st . Also known as Richard the Lionheart . John was not loved by the people, simply because he levied a lot of taxes on the common man to pay for his brothers "Richard the Lionheart" 's wars . .The silly people of England worshipped Richard, because they thought he was fighting a 'holy' war , but did not like his brother John, because he was the one at home trying to rule, raising the taxes etc.  Typical of the English,  Ignorant .
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Typical of the English - ignorant? I think you should read some more history. I'm sure I know more about this subject that you ever will. I just kept my answer short.
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They didn't like him.  He tried to have Richard kept in captivity so John could become King, the Barons finally made him sign the Magna Carta, and he lost most of England's possessions in France.

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