What is steampunk, and why is it associated with goth subculture?


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Steampunk began as a literary subgenre of Science Fiction, essentially imagining what the Victorian Age would look like if -- for example -- Charles Babbage got his Analytical Engine working in the 1820s rather than having it fall by the wayside of history.

It's associated with the Goth Subculture through the fashion side of things; Cherie Priest, a noted author in the genre, has been quoted as saying that Steampunk is what happens when Goths discover the color brown.

You'll notice a lot of similarities between Goth fashion and Steampunk clothing -- in particular the proclivity of women to wear corsets on the outside of their clothes, as well as a high number of adornments. However, Steampunk is sometimes more accurately attached to the cosplay community as it's not terribly feasible to wear some Steampunk outfits in your daily life.

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How did the name, "Steampunk" come about? I've always wondered...
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The name "Steampunk" came about from a letter that author K.W. Jeter wrote to the magazine, Locus, in 1987. He coined the phrase as a riff on the word "cyberpunk" to describe the "gonzo historical fiction" that he and his two friends -- James Blaylock and Tim Powers -- were writing at the time.

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