What would make you want to riot?


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Stan Smith Profile
Stan Smith answered

It would have to be something pretty awful like the zombie apocalypse since I smelled enough tear gas to last a lifetime while I was stationed in Seoul, South Korea for back to back tours. Unlike me, they'd riot almost daily over every little imaginary slight like the United States wanting to make them our 51st state. Seriously, there were people that believed that living there!!!

Roz Soccorro Profile
Roz Soccorro answered

The ongoing breach of human rights in Syria and the apparent lack of interest/compassion shown by the rest of the world.

Riots are pretty violent and, I'm really not one for violence, but it angers me beyond the point of reason.

Jon Moody Profile
Jon Moody answered

Its odd. I've always felt that I will be the cause of a riot. Not that I want to participate or will cause one on purpose. But, on a daily basis people (vendors, associates, ect) comment that I say things that makes them want to change things. Frequently its little things like making people want to act differently or learn about certain topics or force changes at home things are at work/home. But I seem to have that unintentional affect on some people. So I have an odd premonition that one day I'll say or do something that will get people so worked up that a riot will break out.

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