Have you ever participated in a riot? Would you?


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dragonfly forty-six Profile

I can't. Nor would I. I have too much to lose. I cannot have any kind of record or it could jeopardize my professional license. Every few years when I must reapply for my license I have to disclose any arrests. I've worked hard to get my license and was thoroughly vetted. If I even have one arrest the board must investigate and determine my future eligibility.

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Matt Radiance answered

No i haven't! But i won't have problem with "Protest", (no riot) if our right been taking away, we have the right to protest and i won't back down when it comes to it!

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Ray Dart answered

Travelling from Ikeja to Surulere in Lagos (by taxi) many years ago, we blundered into a student riot.

Up ahead a helicopter was dropping teargas, and there were government vehicles on fire when we got further down the road. We turned back, only to find that vehicles that were not showing "solidarity" with the students were now being targeted.

To show "solidarity", it was necessary to attach some green stuff to the car. As my driver said "It's a bad day to be a tree".

We then arrived back in a part of the city that was under the control of the army - it was then "a bad day to have half a tree attached to your car". Scary people with guns jumped on the car to remove the decoration.

Students are perhaps a bit more "extreme" in Nigeria. The reaction of the authorities was also pretty extreme.

People died.

It was not quite the scariest thing that has ever happened to me, but it came jolly close.

Levi F. Profile
Levi F. answered

I have never participated in a protest, let alone a riot.

There are things I feel passionate about, but I doubt I could ever get to the point of rioting. That said, maybe I simply have not encountered the right situation. There could be something that would make me so angry with the "system", and combined with other people around me feeling the same anger (such as a situation where the government attacked a peaceful protest with violence, which has happened in plenty of places around the world), that it could turn into a riot. I wouldn't want to be a part of any violence or looting, though.

Lard Ass Profile
Lard Ass answered

No. I wouldn't participate in something like that. Destroying property and the cities where one lives, doesn't seems to do anything but hurt innocent people, and make others look like the fool they are, for doing such things.

Stormy-Lynn Calvert Profile

I would never knowingly participate in a riot. It's an immature way to handle a situation and it usually doesn't end well for the rioters. Protests, on the other hand, are a better way to handle the situation.

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otis campbell answered

i have been in several protest in this small town i use to live in they seem to work without a riot we got politicians out of office

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