Why do so many people think Islam is a bad religion? Does the whole world think we are all bad!


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Goddamnit! Are you crazy? Who thinks Muslims are bad?  Who the hell in the world thinks that? People no matter of any religion aren't bad until and unless they have done something disgusting and if they have done any then that won't be joined to their religion It's only gonna affect on ones reputation in front of the world and not their religion.  Because we all know just by seeing one person of a religion you can't make out the behavior of all so forget that rubbish,nothings like that! 

Well for me, I like people of every religion and people with no religion, in other words, I like all!  And I'm sure this world has the same choice so just cheer up! :)

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The whole world doesn't think that Muslims are bad or that Islam is a bad religion. Personally, although I don't think I plan on converting anytime soon, I think that Islam is really cool.

I think the most common reason why some people may think that is because the well known terrorists that are exploited by the news all the time are all Muslim. And then, especially those who like to stereotype or are closed-minded, people make the false connection that Muslim/Islam religion = terrorists = bad.

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There are several issues here.  The most obvious of which is the publicity accorded to the "hate merchants".

The quiet, peace-loving, hard working majority are too quiet and their voices are drowned out by noise made by the radicals.

The same radicals, are currently making things very difficult for an ex-colleague in Bristol.

She has twice received letters (anonymous) warning her that she is "living in a Muslim area" and asking her to "dress appropriately" (I cannot believe the lady concerned is dressing in any way immodestly by normal native UK standards.)

She has lived in the same house for 27 years and didn't "See apartheid coming in my own country." (to quote her own words).

Lastly, I think there is the problem of "Dislike of the unlike". Adherents to Islam are, generally-speaking, different in outlook, colour and attitude to the original inhabitants of this island (whoever they are).

If it is any consolation, the same intolerance has affected minorities and second and third generations of immigrants throughout history, and we usually get it right in the end. (Huguenots, The Flemish, The Jews, the Poles, the Irish have all found it difficult - and it clearly had nothing to do with religion for them.)

As you will remember from my contributions in the past, I am ambivalent towards all organised religions.

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No one should think other religions are bad, but maybe if you have white skin you find brown skin weird.

Or like if you are Catholic, and you meet a muslim person, you might think its a bit weird that everyone's different,  but they don't think its bad.

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Btw the terrorists arent proper muslims

they say they are but they do the exact opposite of what a muslim does

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