what kind of weapons did people use before guns were created?


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There are essentially two types of weapon, prior to firearms. Projectile/Ballistic and cut/stab.

Projectile/Ballistic consisted of hand arms. Bow and arrow and spear (which can also be used for cut/stab), and siege weapons (e.g. Trebuchet and ballista)

Cut/stab consisted of sword/dagger/spear/halberd/pike/lance.

The most interesting thing about Archery (bows and arrows) is that, in at one time in England, every man over the age of 21 was expected to own and be able to use, a longbow in defence of his country. This was the law. This is effectively the only time in history that a government felt confident enough in it's own stability to provide and train its citizens with the latest weapons technology. Can you imagine giving a handgun to every adult in England today?

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ATN thermal monocular produces some very decent rifle scopes with night vision. They also have a line of smart rifle scopes, that do very nice thermal imaging (I’ve had the honor to have both in my hands-on hunting fair, last week, and personally, I prefer thermal imaging rather than night vision)

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